Top Global Influencer


Our Open Innovation Acceleration methodology aims at the real implementation and integration of Open Solutions to impact the evolution of innovation processes.

For this we have the experience of a team that has founded more than 25 startups and invested in more than 70 in recent years. In addition, its management team is the TOP global influencer in FinTech, Wealthtech, Legaltech and InsurTech, being a global reference in the generation of technological ecosystems in different countries.

We also have a team of experts in innovation and scouting of international startups, they make us the ideal partner to develop an open, sustainable, scalable and successful innovation strategy.

Investment Scouting & Valuation

We have extensive experience in scouting and valuation processes, which allows us to analyze Smart Deal Flow processes and the best investment opportunities in international startups for our clients.

Generation of Ecosystems

Our model of generation of ecosystems such as Unconference(s), and our “Fintech Plaza” space allows us to have contact with more than 3,000 startups a year in several countries of the world, knowing the latest technological trends and new business models of the different verticals in which we work.



The FinTech sector is now a reality, and from our Observatory we have analyzed more than 1,500 FinTech with more than 75 business models in several countries in Europe and Latin America.


The Insurance Market has demonstrated a great capacity for collaboration, which is why the InsurTech sector is called to grow together. Models such as Insurance as a Service, Peer to Peer Insurance, On-Demand, Used-Based or Parametric Insurance have come to revolutionize the sector.


Wealthtech, which is the contraction of the words ‘wealth’, of heritage or assets, and ‘tech’, of technology, describes a new generation of financial technology companies, which are creating digital solutions that are transforming the management industry investments.


PropTech (Property Technologies) offers solutions through new technologies (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, virtual reality…) to optimize processes, be more efficient, make better decisions faster, connect better with the client and with greater transparency, security and proximity.


One of the areas with greater weight is gaining in large organizations is Compliance. For this reason, the RegTech whose objective is the use of new technologies to resolve regulatory and compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently. A great opportunity to improve the internal digital transformation of companies.


The term LegalTech responds to the application or use of new technologies to facilitate access or provision of legal services. But not only to accelerate the transformation of the legal sector and legal firms, but to digitize the legal departments of large corporations. Blockchain, smart contracts, AI or Big Data can help improve the activity of this market.