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Our Marketplace connects over 50,000 FinTechs worldwide to  corporations that need their innovation (financial entities, insurers, real estate …), with investors who seek to detect the best investment opportunities without intermediaries and with all those companies that want collaborate with different products and services (technological, legal, marketing, HR …) by helping the FinTech sector to grow, scale and succeed.

Open Innovation Strategies & Intelligence

We help corporations to collaborateco-create, launch PoCs, MVPs, adquire or invest in the best FinTech opportunities.

Identification of over 1,000 solutions for our clients has been conducted, more than 50 real collaborations have been launched & we have invested in more than 30 startups and scaleups.

Our team has analysed more than 10,000 FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, RegTech, LegalTech, WealthTech & PayTech from 60 countries, mapping 500 different business models and technologies.

We also develop investment reports, open banking & guidance in the regulatory Sandbox sector.

The FinTech Ecosystem

Since 2015 Finnovating has created the largest FinTech Ecosystems through Unconference(s), holding 20 private meetings a year in Europe, Latam, USA & Asia.

Each Unconference counts with the participation of 100 CEOs & founders from best FinTechs, regulators, investors & corporations interested in their collaboration.

Thanks to our private meetings, above 1,000 collaboration & investment agreements have been successfully closed.



FinTech comes from the union of two words “Finance” and “Technology”. This sector is the most relevant and is already a reality. We have analyzed thousands of FinTechs in Europe, Latin America, the USA or Asia.

Models such as Personal Finance Management (PFMs) that enable the management of personal finances, consumer loans, crowlending, Neobanks, PayTech and currencies and cryptocurrencies have revolutionized this sector.


InsurTech is the union of the words “insurance” and “technology”.

InsurTech have great potential to generate collaborations with the insurance world and jointly grow towards a more innovative business model.

Models such as insurance as a service, collaborative insurance, neoinsurance, on-demand insurance, use-based insurance, parametric insurance or eHealth have come to revolutionize the sector.


WealthTech is the union of the words “wealth”, or “retirement”, with “technology”.

These new generation of companies has arrived to develop digital solutions for the portfolio and wealth management.

Roboadvisors, quant advisors, social investment and investment platforms have been able to revolutionize and create a simpler and more educational form of investment for clients.


PropTech (Property Technologies) offers solutions through new technologies (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, virtual reality, investments…) to optimize processes, be more efficient, make better decisions faster, connect better with the client and with greater transparency, security and proximity.


One of the areas with greater weight is gaining in large organizations is Compliance. For this reason, the RegTech whose objective is the use of new technologies to resolve regulatory and compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently. A great opportunity to improve the internal digital transformation of companies.


The term LegalTech responds to the application or use of new technologies to facilitate access or provision of legal services. But not only to accelerate the transformation of the legal sector and legal firms, but to digitize the legal departments of large corporations. Blockchain, smart contracts, AI or Big Data can help improve the activity of this market.