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Interview with Longevity Card’s CEO: Carlos Calderón de la Cruz

Finnovating (F): Please tell us a little about Longevity Card and how the FinTech started to be. Carlos Calderón de la Cruz (CCDLC): Longevity Card is the new way to manage your money and lead a healthy lifestyle in one secure app. We strive to make the mobile banking experience easier and safer for people of all ages by developing new financial products designed for our customers who are planning to live healthy, extra-long lives and remain financially stable. Since the pandemic began, overall health and wellness have been at…

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Interview with Alexandros Christodoulakis, Wealthyhood’s co-founder & CEO

Alexandros Christodoulakis is co-founder and CEO of Wealthyhood. It is an app  focused on long-term wealth-building by having a robust plan and consistently investing your money in a well-balanced portfolio every month. A portfolio that matches the customer’s needs and risk appetite, so that he/she can commit to it. Around 3,000 corporations from 70+ countries are already part of the platform. Don’t be left behind! Finnovating (F): Can you do a brief review of your professional career as an introduction? Alexandros Christodoulakis (AC): My background is in Computer Engineering. I…

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The X-Tech sector in Africa

The X-Tech sector in Africa is changing at breakneck speed. In 2020, with Covid-19 involved, African tech companies underwent 359 rounds of equity investment, totaling $ 1.43 billion (1). Of these rounds, only 12% of them were entirely confidential, which shows the possibilities for the interested investor in this region of the world. Can you imagine transforming your business at the speed of light? It’s possible! Enter the global FinTech platform. The growth in investment rounds is the highest of all the continents, having experienced +44% in number of rounds…

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Nace una alianza entre Incofisa y Finnovating dentro del ecosistema FinTech

Incofisa, el grupo líder en investigación y análisis de riesgos, que opera desde hace más de 40 años, ha decidido apostar por una renovación y evolución de sus productos y servicios y un nuevo estilo de marca enfocado hacia la X-Tech y las soluciones digitales. Es por ello, que Incofisa y Finnovating han generado una alianza durante los años 2020 y 2021 para reforzar la expansión del Grupo Incofisa en el desarrollo de soluciones FinTech. Incofisa estará presente en varios eventos FinTech públicos y privados organizados por Finnovating, esto ayudará…

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En la actualización del mes de octubre del mapa de startups InsurTech, realizado por el equipo de scouting de Finnovating, se incorporan 15 nuevas startups. Este sector no deja de crecer, creando un ecosistema de 175 startups InsurTech presentes en el mercado español. Las nuevas incorporaciones son de variada índole. 5 de ellas tienen que ver con las eHealth, que no dejan de mostrar su importancia en el sector seguros facilitando el servicio al cliente y los seguros “a medida”: Allergychef y MediCheck en la subvertical Marketplace, MaizApps y Wayalia…