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Interview with João Maia de Figueiredo, Country Manager Spain & Portugal at Lovys

Interview with João Maia de Figueiredo, Country Manager Spain & Portugal at Lovys! Lovys is a French insurance company founded in 2017 and a premium member of Finnovating. It is the first 100% digital “all-in-one” InsurTech and one of the largest InsurTech in Europe. It landed in the Spanish market in 2021. Startups, companies and investors from over 100 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them! Finnovating (F): Could you summarize in a brief paragraph your professional career as an introduction? João Maia de…

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Interview with Francisco Jaramillo, General Manager for Spain of Solarisbank AG

Francisco Jaramillo is the General Manager for Spain of Solarisbank AG, in charge of establishing and directing the business and the operations in the market. As a leading Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform in Europe, Solarisbank joins Finnovating, the first global Fintech platform that connects X-Tech startups, corporations and investors from around the world, to increase its presence in the Spanish market by enabling non-bank companies to offer financial services. Startups, companies and investors from over 100 countries are waiting to connect with you in the Finnovating platform. Join them! Finnovating (F):…

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Interview with Miguel Ángel Navarro, CEO and vice-president of Catenon

Miguel Ángel Navarro has been the CEO of Catenon since taking over from Javier Ruiz de Azcárate in 2018. He is co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Catenon and previously held the position of Vice President. He sits on the board of various administrations and has previously held Director roles at other firms. He has sat down for an interview with Finnovating, a Matching as a Service platform, that allows firms, banks, investors, and more to connect, collaborate and co-create in an agile, digital and scalable way. Startups, companies and investors from…

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Interview with Vodanovic Legal’s CEO, Ljubica Vodanovic

We have spoken with Ljubica Vodanovic, founding partner and CEO of the Peruvian law firm Vodanovic Legal. She is an expert in banking, financial and FinTech regulation and has more than 20 years of experience in the field. Recently, the prestigious British magazine Chambers & Partners 2022, ranked her in the list of best lawyers in the financial sector of Peru, being the first woman included in said list. We discussed with her the evolution of digital financial services in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact that digital…

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Latin American startup verticals in Finnovating

Latin American startup verticals in Finnovating Over a 100 countries from all around the world form part of the global FinTech platform! Don’t be left behind, join now! Since its launch in May, Finnovating has united a 100 countries in perfect X-Tech harmony. With almost all of its countries present, the Latin American region has become one of the most important parts of the world for the platform. From Mexico to all the way south in Argentina, startups, companies and investors have joined together to revolutionize the ecosystem. This pie…

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Interview with the Malaysian Youth FinTech Association

Connect with +70,000 global X-Tech on the Finnovating platform. Don’t be left behind! Finnovating (F): Do a brief introduction of your association: Malaysian Youth FinTech Association (MYFinT): The Malaysian Youth FinTech Association is a non-profit student-led organization aimed at raising social and commercial Financial Technology awareness among youths while providing a healthy platform for constructive discourse on financial technology-related topics and opportunities.   (F): Where is your association located? (MYFinT): Our association is not really located physically anywhere but it’s mostly based in London, UK and Malaysia. We started the association in London but…

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Interview with Mastercard Spain’s VP Business Development, Alejandro Banegas

Con más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector financiero, desde febrero del 2018, Alejandro Banegas lidera el equipo de Desarrollo de Negocio de Mastercard España. Desde el 2018, Alejandro ha liderado el desarrollo de nuevas iniciativas de pago en los sectores público y privado. Ha trabajado en las áreas de Smart Mobility, transformación del viaje de pago con minoristas clave, lanzamiento de varios bancos digitales y socios FinTech, en la aceleración de la aceptación de pagos en nuevas verticales, e incluso apoyando a las Juntas de Turismo en…

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Groundbreaking partnership between the Association of Fintechs in Kenya and Finnovating

The alliance between the Association of Fintechs in Kenya and Finnovating will: Spearhead the development of international business opportunities and partners for the members of the Association.   Build a bridge between the Association and the entire global FinTech ecosystem in a faster way.  Allow Kenyan investors and corporations to connect, collaborate and invest with more than 50,000 FinTech present all over the world. Contact and connect with the Association of Fintechs in Kenya: CLICK HERE Finnovating, the first global FinTech B2B platform, wants to create the perfect hub where…

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Interview with Jordi Mercader, co-founder and CEO of inbestMe

Jordi Mercader es co-founder y CEO de inbestMe. El motivo de esta entrevista es conocer más sobre inbestMe y los servicios que brinda. Conecta con +70.000 X-Tech a nivel mundial en la plataforma Finnovating. ¡No te quedes atrás! Finnovating (F): ¿Podrías resumir en una breve reseña tu trayectoria profesional a modo de introducción? Jordi Mercader (JM): Soy licenciado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas por ESADE Business School, Barcelona, ​​y MBA por la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña-UPC. Durante mi carrera, trabajé en Burberry durante su sensacional transformación, incluida la OPI, donde…

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Interview with IBA’S CCO, Karina Buch

IBA’S CCO, Karina Buch, has decided to grant us an interview following IBA becoming a Premium member on the Finnovating Platform. Connect with +70,000 global X-Tech on the Finnovating platform. Don’t be left behind! Finnovating (F): Could you summarize your professional career as an introduction? Karina Buch (KB): I have a degree in Advanced Computer Studies from Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business School, a Philosophy subsidiary subject from the Copenhagen University and an eMBA from ENPC School of International Management. In addition, I completed the Board Academy from the University of…