Groundbreaking partnership between the Association of Fintechs in Kenya and Finnovating

association of fintechs kenya finnovating

The alliance between the Association of Fintechs in Kenya and Finnovating will:

  • Spearhead the development of international business opportunities and partners for the members of the Association.  
  • Build a bridge between the Association and the entire global FinTech ecosystem in a faster way. 
  • Allow Kenyan investors and corporations to connect, collaborate and invest with more than 50,000 FinTech present all over the world.

Contact and connect with the Association of Fintechs in Kenya: CLICK HERE

Finnovating, the first global FinTech B2B platform, wants to create the perfect hub where innovation, main players and technology meet together to bring forward solutions that will change the world. This is why, in its constant drive to grow and achieve its goals, the platform keeps looking for the right individuals to partner with. These persons or companies will provide key information and tools that will be used to create the perfect community, where any FinTech, corporation or investor can thrive and reach for their dreams in a much faster way. The newest partnership that will help Finnovating in this mission is the Association of Fintechs in Kenya.


Founded this year, AFIK is focused on the development of Kenya’s businesses, NGOs and finance communities, all the while becoming a leading meeting point. Another vital element of the association is to advocate for digital innovation as a core strategy for efficiency, scalability, and competitive positioning. Its members can explore their full potential, enjoying exclusive benefits, crucial network insights and instruments for their growth such as: certification, peer learning, policy lobbying and seminars.

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With a varied number of segments and working together with important partners like banks and the government, AFIK is the perfect place for Finnovating. It will lay the groundwork needed for the expansion of the platform in Africa and the right know-how. This union not only benefits the site, but the association as well. Thanks to Finnovating’s wide database of 50,000 FinTech, AFIK will have direct access to the ecosystem, allowing it to contact and generate international business opportunities. Not only that, but also provide chances for investment, allowing a stimulation of Kenya’s economy. Additionally, the tools of the platform will allow the Association’s members to participate, co-create, invest and collaborate in open innovation challenges in a matter of minutes, reducing months-long processes significantly.


Finnovating, the LinkedIn of FinTech, seeks to become a worldwide connection between all the actors of the community, a place where innovation and technology meet together to bring forward a better future and the trigger of a total shake up to the actual business model. These goals are soon going to become real with the help of distinguished partners like the Association of Fintechs in Kenya.

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